Frequently asked questions

Do natural ingredients work as well?

Yes, they do. They don't need extra effort. You do need to know how to use them for best effect and then let them do what they are good at doing! Once you know the properties and benefits of the natural ingredients in Just Primal products, I hope you will switch to using them as a lifestyle choice.

Can I get refills?

Yes, were possible and practical we provide refills. The main decision is 'does it make if a great deal for our customer?', and if it does we will offer it.

How do I get the best from the products?

Directions for use are on each product but I am also working on top tips as there is so much more to tell you. I also have some videos showing how to use them. These will be regularily posted on WGG instagram and facebook linked to the WGG website. If you want any more of specific tasks let me know and I can do them for you!

Is WGG insured?

Yes, we have annual insurance for product liability.

How safe are the products?

I only use ingredients that are needed in each product and they all have European safety useage information. The ingredients are food grade quality where appropriate and available. As we only use ingredients that are needed, then safety is already improved. I also include the pH value of products so that you know if they will be too strong for your skin etc.

Do you check the provenance of the ingredients and containers you use for your products?

Yes. It's hard being a small business to source packaging and containers to fully meet my standards and requirements, so I've worked hard in researching UK based companies that can best fit my current needs. I've recently changed supplier for my plastic bottles and I'm happy that, for the price, I can buy them without increasing prices. They fully support my ethical and ecological aims. I will always be looking to improve provenance of the ingredients and containers & packaging to support our ecological aims.




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