A plastic free cleaning product!

A Refillable cleaning product!

There are many uses for MUCP but just think about it's properties and you will soon understand how to use it around your home and garden.

*It's a gentle scourer

*It dissolves in water

*It's a mild alkaline

*It cleans by dissolving grease and grime in water

*It has generally been accepted to have anti-bac, anti-virul, anti-fungal and odour neutralising effects.


To Clean:  washing machine, tea stains, mould, toothbrush, hair brush, grout, baths, sinks, rubbish bins etc

Odour neutralise: trainers, smelly sponges and dish clothes, fridge, smelly drains, smelly pet bed etc

Use to clean your washing machine at least monthly! Take tray out and remove main dirt. soak in solution of MUCP and water, then scrub clean. For the rubber rim, prize open and sprinkle MUCP into the gap. Leave over night, then with a old toothbrush rub clean. For the drum, sprinkle about 100g into it then put on a quick wash cycle. Always leave the door open for a short time to allow drum to dry our in between washes!