Indulgent Bath Soak Parcel (Code:IBSPFREE)

Indulgent Bath Soak Parcel (Code:IBSPFREE)


This isn't a treat but essential to take the time to relax either in a bath or even by having a regular foot soak! Enjoy taking care of yourself, and those you love, by having epsom salt and himalyan salt to soak in on a regular basis coupled with an essential oil of your choice to fill the air with a pleasent aroma and other indulgent treats.


1 x 600g Epsom Salt  - 3 soaks using recommended amount

1 x 600g Himalayan Salt - 3 soaks using recommended amount

1 x Essential Oil 10ml - you chose the aroma

1 x Mini natural soap bar 50g - you chose the aroma

1 x Extra virgin organic coconut body oil - 12g

10 x enveloped Birchall specialist flavoured tea bags - variety

  • Why Use Bath Salt Soaks?

    Bath salts can help to replenish essental minerals and trace elements in your body, can help you to relax, soften your skin, rebalance water content in cells, and be a general body detox.

    Using an essential oil aroma of your choice will involve your sense of smell making the experience even more special. Simply add a few drops onto a towel in the room or use a flannel that can be drapped over the side of the bath. 

    Picture yourself relaxing with a specialist tea, in a warm relaxing bath (or foot bath) while the bath salts do what they do best on your body and skin. Washing with an organic, natural soap, then when you dry off, you can replenish natural oils to your skin using the extra virgin organic coconut oil that melts on your touch. Better still, ask someone else to rub it in for you! Indulgence at it's best!


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  • Eco Credentials of this parcel

    I have put together these items with eco credentials in mind.

    The tea is produced with negative carbon emmissions by a UK business focussed on reducing use of plastics and run ethically.

    The soaps are made in the UK using natural and organic ingredients and wrapped in eco paper.

    The bath soaks clearly have travelled more than I would wish, but I'm off-setting this by making sure they are packaged as ecologically as possible using biodegradable and recyclable materials made in the UK.