Cleaning Powder & Crystals Parcel - Bulk buy items

Cleaning Powder & Crystals Parcel - Bulk buy items


Always have Wendy cleanser powder and Wendy glister Crystals in your home for your daily cleaning needs.  These type products can also be used to keep outside drains clean and fresh smelling. Once you have learned what these products can be used for, you'll always want to have a supply ready to hand, so buying in bulk hepls to keep your costs down.


1 x 1.2 kg Wendy Cleanser powder

1 x 600g Wendy Glister Crystals 



    Wendy cleanser powder has so many uses.... I use it daily t6o keep my dish cloths fresh by adding some to warm water and leaving cloths for 5-10 mins. You can see the grime leaving the cloth. Then don't hang them over the tap but wring out and leave by the side of your sink.

    It can also be used to freshen up rugs and carpets. Sprinkle over and leave before vacuuming off.

    Use Wendy glister crystals to descale your kettle and to keep your washing machine and dishwasher limescale free. Use 20-30g by adding directly to a boiled kettle, leaving the crystals to fizz away the limescale. Repeat if necessary. Or, for the washing machine, add to the powder tray during a normal wash. check the drain for deposits of limescale that might build up and stop your maching from draining.

    Use these products together to clear & shower sink drains and plug holes and also for outside drains. Add 2 thirds wendy cleanser powder for 1 third wendy glister crystals. For outside drains increase the quantities you use in same ratio.



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