Eco Laundry Care Parcel - Small

Eco Laundry Care Parcel - Small


Have your eco laundry products delivered to your home. 

Small parcel includes:

500g 2 in1 washing powder (ten washes) aroma of your choice

1ltr household white vinegar (ten rinses) and

1 x essential oil of your choice.

1 x mini soap stick for pre-treatment of stains aroma of your choice.


All these items are sent in 1 x parcel.


We keep our carbon footprint low by only using ingredients needed to clean your clothes thoroughly enough.

This parcel includes:

*eco washing powder that deals with hard water so you don't need to think about it,

*an alternative more natural fabric rinse aid,

*an essential oil of your choice to add a pleasant aroma to the rinse aid and that can also be used to freshen up indoor living spaces,

*and a soap stick for pre-wash treatment of fabrics.



  • PRODUCT INFO - Laundry Care parcel - small

    Ideal if you don't need to do too many washes a week. This parcel is enough for 10 washes and includes non-biologial 2-in-1 concentrated washing powder that softens your water as well as cleans your clothing, plus 1 ltr white vinegar laundry rinse aid and 1 x essential oil to use with the rinse aid. I've added a soap stick to use to treat stains before washing. This gives you all the items you need for a more natural way of washing and taking care of your laundry.

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