Eco Travel Box

Eco Travel Box


If you are travelling away from home buy this eco box with small useful items in it to help keep your clothes clean, living space clean and fresh and to help you if you've had a long tiring day!


Small items to make your stay away from home easier including a hack for making a temporary plug if your bathroom doesn't have one, ways to treat spillages on clothing or in your room. Small items useful to take out with you on day trips and ways to keep your swimwear fresh.

  • Contents

    1 x 50ml cleaning vinegar

    1 x 50ml air freshener

    1 x 50g eco washing powder

    1 x 25g soap stick 

    1 x 100g sodium bicarbonate

    1 x 50g citric acid

    1 x 50g himalayan salt

    1 x 50g epsom salt

    1 x repurposed cleaning cloth/mitt

    6 x mini wooden pegs

    4 x sheets newspaper

    1 x quart size grip lock bag for airport security

    1 x grip lock bag to use to keep cloth in when damp

    1 x 'How to Use' content guide