Wendy's selection to help improve your home air freshness. This includes:

2 x hand powder soap 100g each

2 x room sprays 100ml each

1 x limescale remover crystals 250g

1 x household surface degreaser spray 100ml

1 x multi-use cleaning powder 300g

1 x household surface sanitizer spray 100ml

Wendy's Selected Home Freshness Parcel

Room Spray 1
Room Spray 2
Hand powder soap 1
Hand powder soap 2
  • I've included 2 x room sprays, 1 x household surface sanitizer, 1 x limescale cleaner, 2 x hand powder soap and 1 x toilet bowl cleaner set.  Overall these products will help to reduce the amount of potential harmful ingredients that can linger when used around your home either sprayed directly onto surfaces or into the air. These JP products are good substitutes for chlorine based bleaches and anti-bacterial sprays and soaps.




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