This 7 item parcel covers all your cleaning needs around your home. It includes: 1 x household surfice sanitizer 100ml  

1 x degreaser 100ml 

1 x limescale cleaner 100ml 

1 x window & mirror cleaner 100ml

1 x room spray 100ml

1 x multi-use cleaning powder in shaker bottle 300g

1 x limescale remover crystals in shaker bottle 250g  

All recycleable plastic and can be refilled.

Wendy's Selection Ecological Cleaning start-up parcel

  • Some of these products are self-evident in how to use, but it's worth taking a little time to understand how to get the best from them as once you know what they can achieve for you, cleaning will become easier!

    My favourite product is the limescale cleaner as this can be sprayed on tiles, shower enclosures to inhibit the formation of watermarks and limescale if you don't have time to dry the surfaces off. 




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