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JUSt as nature intended

Discount code  for carers buying hand powder soaps & surface sanitiser.

email: office@wendygoesgreen.co.uk

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Hand powder soap provides a thorough clean & exfoliation of your skin.

The surface sanitiser is effective against Covid-19. Use on all types of surfaces and safe to use on hands when soap & water aren't available. Leave on for at least 1 minute.

Surface Sanitiser 500ml + 100ml carry with you spray

Products that are kinder to your skin, clothes and made with you in mind.

Our favourites

Just Primal Washing powder

Naturally simple but does a complex job because not only does this washing powder clean your clothes but also treats your washing machine and makes your water softer to help get the best results for your clothing without you having to change the amount you use!

Wendy's Selections

Chose 'Wendy's Selections' to get you started cleaning green around your home or washing your clothes green! 

Naturally Simple

All our products have been developed so they only include what's needed for the task. We also package them in ecological friendly ways as possible using recycled plastic, and biodegradable bags. We keep bottles small for ease of use and storage and provide refills making them as cost effective as possible.

What Brigitte said:

I found using Wendy's washing powder the washing came out as clean and fresh as expected, but softer!


With my previous washing powder the laundry was slightly stiff after drying.  It is very economical to use and comes in pleasantly scented variations.


My husband has very sensitive skin and this product has caused no problems after about 2 months of use.  

Brigitte Kaltenbacher
Hampshire UK


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