A story of freshness


I'm Wendy and I developed Wendygoesgreen as a cleaning business from an interest which then became a necessity. I stopped using the potentially harmful every day products in my home especially washing powder, antibacterial sprays, hand soaps, bubblebaths, deodrants and bleaches when I realised I could be harming my children.

I started making alternatives from more natural ingredients and only using what was needed. I then looked at ways to clean around my home more ecologically. That was 7 years ago and I haven't looked back.

As a result I now have a small range of products trademarked as  'Just Primal' that I've trialled, tested and which I produce for other families to enjoy.

How far has wgg come?

From winning a local ecological business award in the second year of start-up, the cleaning business has grown organically with minimum advertising. I've been splitting my time between the cleaning (using my products of-course) and developing the products, and with a strong interest and growing client base, I've decided it's time to concentrate on increasing the product sales.  I intend to share how I clean with other people who want to set up on their own.

I now have two trademarks for the cleaning services 'spray & shine' and 'shake & shine' and one for the products, 'just primal'.

WGG is about encouraging you to switch to ways of cleaning using more natural ingredients and for you to enjoy taking care of yourselves, your belongings and home environment knowing you are making a difference.