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 WGG Welcomes You to Learn More

We want to share some of the information that has influenced what we do and what we produce and why to help you make your own decisions.

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Toxic Chemicals

I hadn't realised the amount of potentially toxic chemicals I had in my home when bringing my children up. My daughters were teenagers and my son was 6 and very much into bubble baths. When I found out what was in most of my personal care and laundry care products, I was shocked into action and stopped using them. Why would I want to potentially be causing them health issues later in life because of exposure to toxic chemicals that were aimed at making my life easier.

That's how I feel the promoters aim their marketing at as we all want slightly easier lives. Anything that is quick and easy and accessible... 

And so my journey of research and discovery began. All because I'd stopped my busy career and finally had the time to reappraise what I'd been bringing into my home.

I wasn't able to afford to buy organic food and natural and organic personal care products as my income had dramatically dropped, but I did find that there were natural ingredients that I could make up my own products with. Then out of necessity, I used these to establish a green cleaning business and finally a range of products trademarked, 'Just Primal'.

So, it's worth you checking what's in your products at home. I hadn't ever read labels and instructions of use before, but it's very important to do this. I found out that after using anti-bac surface spray, you should wipe over with clean water then dry it off. Who takes the time to do that? When using bleach to clean a toilet, I didn't open windows and doors and wear a mask and protective gloves. We just don't do that, do we?

Manufacturers can use ingredients as long as there are safety instructions for use.  Chemicals at work are well regulated, but not for public use. Plus with products for sale made in countries across the world, it's hard to ensure trading standards in this country are being met.

It's not just what these chemicals can be doing to us, but also to the environment when they are tipped down our sinks, baths etc. some can't be taken out of the water system and could then enter our waterways disturbing natural habitats and living conditions for aquatic life.

There's a balance to every thing, making our lives safe and healthy, but not at the risk of killing off wild life and damaging the environment, whicj will come back on us eventually.

So what are these potentially toxic chemicals being used in our every day products. To keep it simple, these are the ones that repeatedly come up in my research:

 - Phthalates. Though banned in Europe, still used in US manufactured body washes, lotions and cosmetic products. 

- Triclosan. Is a hormone disruptor and reduces antibiotic resistance. Found in soaps, detergents, toothpaste & deodorants.

- Parabans. Endocrine disruptor which can be absorbed through the skin, blood and digestive system. Used as a preservative in personal care products.

- Formalderehyde. Found in curtains, MDF, glues, cleaning products, and beauty products. Causes headaches, breathing problems, fatigue, skin problems.

These are only a few. I strongly advise that you take a closer look at the labels on the products in your home and find out more about what the ingredients are in them so you make a more informed decision if you want them in your home or not.

I found that only a few basic more natural ingredients serves to meet all my cleaning needs and much of my personal care as well that's why I developed my 'Just Primal' trademarked range and lead a more balanced life now including exercise, and eating healthily.

Biodegradable Products

The ingredients we use for our products are biodegradable and generally regarded as safe for you and the environment. Many other products have chemicals that don't naturally breakdown in our water systems and aren't treatable in our waste facilities.

We have managed to source some packaging that is biodegradable in commercial waste plants. These are the kraft bags we use for dry products such as bath salts.

We always endevour to improve our packaging to make it as naturally degradable as possible while still maintaining its function in keeping products dry and transportable.

We use eco-brown packaging tape and eco kraft labels as much as possible.

Recycled Materials

WGG is always looking for better solutions to using plastics, but presently we need to use them for our liquid products. More business are developing alternatives using corn starch etc and hopefully they will soon be affordable so we can keep our product costs down.

The plastics we use are either made from recycled plastic or can be recycled or can be refilled. We love the refilling option which is driving us to get our loose and refill products into your local shops without increasing our carbon footprint. That will take time....

Creating Balance

Life is always a balance when we are trying to do so much. But in this instance, I am talking about your indoor living space. Having nice new furniture, a tidy house, clean clothes, a warm house will add additional chemicals into your indoor air space. Sometimes you need to make changes to create balance in your life so that you keep your air as fresh as possible.

One change I would ask you to do is to look at your daily routine. Are you getting enough fresh air? You breath over 20,000 breaths a day, spending 95% of our day indoors. What are you breathing in when you are inside?

Indoor air quality is a problem.... we can bring whatever we like into our homes, plugin air fresheners, aerosol fresheners, cleaning products that we regularly spray directly into the air and smoke from open fires or cigarettes that add their own mix of chemicals into your rooms. It's an unknown concoction. 

However, this is something within our control. We can create more balance by opening windows and doors every day, folding back bed covers so they are aired, stop using sprays, and generally reduce the amount of potential harmful chemicals by buying more natural products etc.

We breath in approx 550 ltrs of air a day. Wouldn't you want that to be as clean as possible where you can control the amount and types of chemicals that are added to the air you breath? 

Quite often it would be sufficient to open windows or doors rather than automatically reach for an air freshener. We have been told that these are for our convenience, but not about the after affects these sprays could be having. Longer term they could cause damage to our lungs and breathing function.

Think about having carbon dioxide loving plants in your main living spaces that give off oxygen. Seek out more natural ways to keep your living spaces clean and fresh and only use what you need to. Basically, get into better habits of keeping your 'breathing in' air as fresh as possible and free from invisible ultra-fine particles.

Eco Washing Powder

Having made the decision to stop using the washing powder I had at home, I tried soap nuts which I found had powerful cleaning properties, but I also found it difficult to gauge how much soap I was using for each wash.

I decided that a powder would be the  best formulation to develop to keep it simple, yet effective. A laundry liquid would require use of plastic and I couldn't do that when a powder would do. Wanting to keep it simple, I added two other ingredients to the soap element which proved to be effective. Even better, it gives the washing powder water softening powers so there is no need to increase the amount you need to use if you are in a hard water area. It also allows the soap element to be more effective, dissolving in lower temperatures.

After a few months of trialling my washing powder, I decided on the balance of the ingredients to ensure a good and effective wash while keeping it affordable.


I've been using it for over 4 years now keeping many dirty sporting items clean and fresh. I am also an advocate of hanging clothes out to dry when possible. There's just something different about clothes that have been dried in a blowing wind or in sunshine!

I love that I can chose the soap element, which is sourced within the UK using organic and natural ingredients. I currently have organic lavender, organic aloe vera, coconut & almond and for a more clinical aroma, tea tree, as your choices. This can be increased with enough interest.

To keep it as natural as possible I won't be claiming to keep your whites, shiny white because I don't use harsh chemicals that act as reflectors of light to make fabric shiny white. I can claim that grease and mud will be washed out of fabrics alongside other bodily fluids etc.

I do also wash whites as well as sporting kit and the odd delicate fabric. With whites, I always check the cuffs and collars and arm pit areas. The places that rub against your skin and stain the fabric. I spray it with water then rub in some of the same soap that is used in the washing powder (as its natural) and this helps to clean those high contact areas. How would you expect a washing machine to target those areas. This is something you need to do. I provide a soap stick for this purpose which can also be used on soft furnishings, rugs and carpets (items that you can't put in the wash!).


As with any muddy clothing, you shouldn't put it straight into the washing machine as that would eventually block the filter and stop your machine working with build up of undissolved mud particles. After an initial rinse or soak to remove excessive mud, this powder will do it's job. I tried it on my daughters' team rugby kit. Had to hose it all down first!

I use the logo 'Just Wash & Clean' as the term 'Just' describes how I run my business and that I just use what's necessary, but also that's using basic & simple ingredients is 'just' what you need.


Multi Use Cleaning Powder

Multi use cleaning powder (MUCP), has so many uses that once you know that, I'm sure you will decide for yourself that it's a must have in your home. It can be used for:

 *Neutralising Odours - especially good for spillages, illness accidents (sick on carpets), pet wee, smelly trainers, rugs, mattresses etc.

*Gently scouring sinks, baths shower trays to remove grime and grease.

*Soaking dish cloths and cleaning washing up brushes to keep them fresh each day.

*Soothing itchy skin or to reduce heat from sun burnt skin.

What other cleaning power can do that much for you, your family and pets?

Limescale Remover Crystals

These natural crystals will get your kettle, washing machine, dishwasher, toilet bowl free of limescale build up.

Can be added during wash cycle for washing machine and dishwasher. Use approx 30g and add directly into drum of washing machine and main body of dishwasher.

Add approx 15g which is about a heaped teaspoonful to a kettle when it's boiled with water up to the level of the limescale. Allow to fizz, check limescale has dissolved and repeat if necessary.

Dissolve crystals in water to rinse drinking glasses  and vases. They will come out sparkling. Just be careful using crystals directly on non-sealed stone surfaces as could casue pitting.

Biodegradable when added to waste water system unlike other descaler products.

We also do a limescale cleaner spray as you can't use crystals on vertical surfaces. The spray works as an inhibitor of limescale build up on shower doors and tiles and taps in warm bathrooms when watermarks form with water droplets evapourating.  Spray onto the damp surfaces to inhibit watermarks forming.

Good enough for your skin - Good enough for your clothes and other fabrics in your home!

What I like about what I do is that when pushed to think about things that are a problem, I usually come up with a solution and pass them on to my customers. 

While my washing powder has proved to be effective keeping my clothes clean, occasionally you need to treat a few stains or marks and so I've always had a bar of soap to hand. We know the value of soap in breaking grime and grease down, so why not apply it directly to the fabric of your clothes.

All I've done is shape it into a stick and wrapped the end in paper so it's easy to apply and you don't get sticky fingers. I use the same quality soap that I sell for your personal care which is paraben and SLS free and either natural or organic. Good enough for you - good enough for your clothes and other fabrics around your home and living spaces. 

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