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How Wendy Goes Green Began

Wendy Goes Green has come a long way since starting as a green cleaning  business in 2011. What started as a necessity to meet a shortfall of income to support my family, led to winning a local business award for my eco credentials, and not looking back.


My aim is not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, I strive to inform and inspire you to embrace a sustainable lifestyle because I've learnt a lot in finding a way to achieve this myself.

Having discovered that I could have been harming my children (and myself I guess), I stopped using a lot of the products I had in my home, in particular washing detergent and fabric rinse which I saw as the worst offenders.


Why? Because they have chemicals in them that alter the surface tension of the material/surfaces they come into contact with. Plus, they are designed to stay in and on the material, either to make them look white or keep them soft or smelling nice.


Once I discovered this, I formed a view of what I wanted from a washing powder ( to be honest, I didn't have a view beforehand!)  and developed one that I could determine what the aroma was and what ingredients were in it. I love the fact that I can use a powder that smells natural and which I've chosen the aroma of. 

My eco washing powder is most likely one with the lowest carbon footprint. It only has four ingredients while some of the top selling brands have over 48. My eco washing powder also takes away the need to increase the dosage if your water is hard.

I've found out that we have poor indoor air quality in the UK, and a lot of this is to do with the products we use at home. We have the worst asthma rates in Europe with some triggers coming from the cleaning products we use.

Managing our indoor spaces is something we can do immediately. We can change what we use to clean with, how we clean and introduce better habits so we have as much fresh air flow through our indoor living spaces. Get those windows and doors open daily and stop spraying stuff into the air. You only then breath it in! If you have to use a spray, can you spray straight on to a cloth away from your face?

I hope you can see I have a lot of tips and advice to offer which I try to share as often as I can through social media and which I hope you will pass on to those around you.

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