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Cleaning Tips

Loading Your Washing Machine

Check how much washing you are loading.  My guess is too much for your machine so it's not able to wash your clothes effectively. This image shows 7kg dry weight which filled a large plastic shopping bag!

7kg load in drum_edited.jpg

Empty your Toaster

When I did weekly cleans for my clients, I always emptied the toaster of crumbs. Don't forget to do this as it will only lead to possibility of burnt smells and fire risk if the crumbs touch the elements!

Toaster shake out.jpg

Maintaining your Washing Machine

Don't forget to pull the draw out from your washing machine to remove mould and gunge. Rinse clean and use sodium bicarb to wipe the inside of the draw. It's not that pleasant, but pull the rubber rim back and wipe down regularly. If necessary, wipe down with sodium bicarb to keep it clean. Also, use about 50g of citric acid in the draw tray during a wash to keep limescale at bay.

Washing machine cleaning.jpg

Hanging out fitted sheets to dry

To reduce drying time. hang fitted sheets towards wind so that the fitted corners catch the wind. Have the front slightly higher so wind can catch all four corners.

Sheet on line v2_edited.png

Clean you Vacuum Cleaner

Don't forget to give your vacuum cleaner a good wash to include the brushes, container, hose and attachments.  Why? To stop build up of bacteria, keep it smelling fresh and to optimise its performance. After washing it, add an essential oil of your choice so when  you next vacuum, you get a pleasant surprise instead of a musty, pet type smell. Ideally, empty it after every use!

Vacuum machine cleaning (1).jpg
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