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Eco Washing Powder

Why consider an eco washing powder?

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Made using 4 Ingredients

We only use 4 main ingredients that are all used to clean your clothes, with one introduced as a natural anti-caking agent. Other well know brands use up to 48 ingredients. We have made the decision not to use optical brighteners, and encourage washing to be hung outside for the sun to naturally whiten it.

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Made using vegan certified soap

The natural soap used in our washing powder is certified vegan. The soap is also made within 10 miles from where the washing powder is produced keeping our carbon footprint low.

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No need to increase dosage for hard water

Our washing powder automatically softens hard water so there is no need to increase the dosage like most other laundry detergents. 50g will do the job where ever you live.

Making 1kg lavender washing powder for Eleanor from Chippingham giving her 20 washes. She loves it as she no longer needs to use a fabric softener! She's been using it since September 2021.
You chose the soap element from lavender, lemon, coconut or non-fragrant. More fragrants coming soon. All are vegan certified soaps.
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